• Cycle LightsLights icon

    Ensure your lights are good enough to see where you're going and more importantly allow others to see you!

    Rear lights are often overlooked by car drivers, it's sensible to have two – one flashing to grab attention & one constant to gauge distance.

    Buy high quality optics rather than 'Lumens' & ensure that the light is spread evenly so you spot pot holes.

    Cycle HelmetHelmets icon

    Your life, your choice.

    You don't have to be travelling fast nor do you have to be riding like your life depended on it, crashing a bicycle (weather its your fault or not) can be a painful experience.

    We stock a huge range of sizes and styles to cater for toddlers to adults, from aero roadies through to off road riders who clip trees a tad too often.

  • Cycle NutritionNutritionicon

    Electrolytes allow you to hydrate better when exercising but provide no fuel.

    Sucrose/Fructose give you a 'quick fix' energy, but wont last long.

    Carbohydrates are great for longer exertion as they release energy in a controlled manner.

    Protein helps recuperation or fuelling for endurance events as amino acid chains are great for repairing muscle tissue.

    Cycle TechnologyTechnologyicon

    Technology is increasing our awareness of what we are capable of, how far we've ridden & how fast we've gone.

    Standard computers will measure speed and distance, apps such as Strava allows you to compete/compare with friends online.

    GPS systems such as Garmin allow full integration with Power meters, cadence and heart-rate monitors for those of you training for your next challenge.

  • Essentials icon

    Sods law is around that corner and he's put down a load of Hawthorne thorns...

    Essentials certainly include:

    Spare inner tube, Tyre levers, Pump (Co2 canisters are better though!), Mini tool kit (if you can't DIY, ask and you'll find someone who can).

    Try to always carry a few ££'s with you for the impromptu Pub stop and ID should the worst happen.

    Cycle ClothingClothing icon

    “To lycra up or not to lycra up” we often find is the question.

    Cycling gets you out to face the elements and having good technical clothing can make all the difference.

    Brands such as Altura offer great value for money or for budding racers look at quality kit from the Specialized or Mavic. Try stuff on first, the last thing you'll want is a lovely jacket pulling tight.

  • Cycle servicingMaintenanceicon

    Caring for you bike will make a huge difference on how it performs & helps ensure trouble free cycling.

    Regularly clean your chain & apply oil to keep it running smooth. Don't pressure wash, use de-greasers to help prolong the life of the components.

    Servicing on a regular basis (don't wait for something to break) is easy as our menu starts at only £40.

    Cycle PositionPositionicon

    Designing how an engine fits into a car takes engineers 1000's of hours.

    Have you had a professional work out how to get 100% from your bike?

    Gain extra comfort, efficiency, power and control. You are the engine & need to be in balance with your bike. If you're looking to push yourself then come and have a chat with us, you'll be surprised at what you really are capable of.