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    A road bike represents the pinnacle of minimalist engineering. They are amazingly light, rigid & when used properly is the only way to devour hundreds of miles in a day using the power of the human body alone. Road bikes are designed to be ridden at high speeds, so are lightweight, efficient & have thin smooth tyres inflated up to 120psi to minimise friction. Available in Sportive, Club or Aero geometries which put the rider into the best position to cut through the air. Used by club cyclists for centuries they are the tried and tested choice for any road racer or triathlete. Test ride one today at our stores.


    Road bikes are measured in centimetres. It is most important to get the length of the bike correct although bicycles are typically measured in height which certainly doesn't make things straight forward (If you own different brands you'll often find yourself requiring different size bikes) Saddle height is easy & should allow the rider to almost fully extend the leg plus we also help set up bike length which is the trickier part.

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    Mountain bikes will simply go anywhere, limited only by your imagination & skill. You have a choice of either front or full suspension and different wheel sizing. 29er' wheel mountain bikes are now the norm, with the bigger wheels having many a benefit in our area. If you're wanting something a bit more playful without loosing too much speed the 27.5” wheel size is perfect in the mountains in Wales or Scotland too. Suspension choice is critical too with varying designs which will be better on some terrains than others. Make sure you pop by to discuss wheel size & suspension before choosing a bike!


    Mountain bikes are usually measured in inches. When choosing your next Mtb you will need to consider different aspects when sizing. Where will you principally be riding? A bike used mainly off road will need to be smaller, enabling you to lower the seat and move back but still able to reach the bars for when the going gets tough. Which wheel size? A 29er will have a higher frame so you may need to change frame size to what you'd expect. Come in and test ride a bike – make sure you get it right!

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    Hybrid bicycles vary hugely and take some of the best elements from both road and mountain bikes. Sports Hybrids – These have a rigid fork, lightweight frames and slicker tyres for a more road focused ride. They make great commuting bikes and we can easily fit mudguards and carriers if required. All Terrain Hybrids – Equipped with a suspension fork and a more aggressive tyre for a truly versatile mix of road and trail. Great for families or riders who like to explore the countryside but want a faster road experience than your traditional mountain bike. Try one out in store!


    Hybrid bike sizing is more dependant on which style you opt for.

    Hybrids which are nearer to Mtb's in style often are measured to a similar fit as you would a 29er Mtb.

    If your hybrid is similar to a road bike then sizing will often be in cm.

    Either way it is very important to get the length of the bike correct as with any bicycle and this will need to factor in where you will be riding and which brand the bike is.

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    We all love to ride our bikes and experience the buzz of being on two wheels; if you have kids why not share your love of cycling and get them involved? Kids love bikes, it’s as simple as that. A bicycle and a child’s imagination is a potent mix of adventure, fun and boundless energy. The bicycle has always been the preferred mode of transportation and fuels their imagination and allows them to roam, discover and appreciate their environment. Great for creating childhood memories riding around with their friends and exploring the local landscape.

    Unlike adult bikes which are determined by frame height; kids’ bike sizes are based on wheel diameter and range from 12 -24 inches. The age categories in our size chart below overlap to reflect the ever changing height and strength differences in children as they grow.

     Age  Height  Wheel Size
     2-5 years  98-112cm  12"
     4-8 years  112-125cm  16"
    7-10 years   125-136cm  20"
    8-11 years   130-141cm  24"