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  • Bicycles are amazing for many different reasons to many different people.

    Race at speeds of over 60mph, cover 100's of miles, explore where few people tread & test yourself to the limit.

    Get outdoors, appreciate the seasons, keep fit, meet friends, teach your children to ride & live longer.

    Whatever your reason, it's your turn to get out and enjoy the world.

    Established for over 30 years we have the largest selection of brands in East Anglia.

    Allow us to guide you and find the right bicycle for you.

    Each manufacturer uses a different sizing scale, which can get very confusing even if you know your existing bike size, so we ensure you're sized up correctly for that manufacturer.

  • "There's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing" Alfred Wainwright.

    There are a few simple rules to clothing choices which revolve around layers!

    Base layer

    Intermediate thermal layer

    Waterproof/windproof top layer

    You choose your style and never bow your head again to that driving rain.

    Having the correct clothing can make the difference between you conquering a ride and the elements or returning a beaten and defeated rider.

    Have a chat with us about 'overshoes', glove liners, arm & neck warmers - you'll be glad you did!

    We all know the British weather does not hold back and if you get caught out it's much better to be prepared.

  • So, you've got your bike and now it's time to kit it out with some essentials.

    What should you be carrying with you as a minimum?

    Puncture repair kit & pump.

    Helmet, should the worst happen

    Bottle cage & bottle.

    If you're out at night make sure you have good LED lights!

    FREE fitting of any accessories*.

    Ensure your mudguards don't rub, your speedo works to the correct mph and that your child is safe in their child seat.

    It's this level of customer care that gets us the great reviews and allows you to get the most from your cycling.

    *on a bike purchased from us and on or before your 1st free service.

  • “What shoes should I wear?”.

    Simple answer is anything you like, even flip flops will do the trick but don't expect them to work that well.

    Using trainers on flat pedals or in 'bear traps' is the most popular but you will wear out the soft soles very fast.

    Even if you're doing low mileage, do consider getting proper shoes. You can choose if these are 'clipped in' or not.

    Cycle specific shoes help support your feet much better than normal shoes.

    Have a chat with us about being 'clipped in' as this helps with peddling efficiency, comfort, power and control.

    Choose from Road, Mtb or touring/commuting style shoes and clips, it's easier than you think!

    Cycle shoes will last 3+ years of abuse!