The vision to create this store was born through 30 years experience in the bike trade.

What makes it worth talking about is what we have seen and learnt in that time...

From the first Raleigh we rode in our 'five star' franchise back in 1981 to the S-Works Epic that we raced last week, we've bled & pushed our limits for this sport and seen a few things on the way.

We've lucky enough to have ridden Moab, talked bikes and drunk bourbon's with Gary Fisher, helped design frame geometry with Saracen, discussed shock internals in Fox's factory in California, walked though the top secret Trek OCLV carbon factory in Wisconsin, ridden on photo shoots with Mbr and prototype bikes with Mike Sinyard, raced against some of the world's elite riders such as Chris Boardman and in Paul's case rode one of the hardest mountain bike races in the world. Twice.

Combine that invaluable experience gained, with a degree of professionalism and focus like no other – and we bring you the next generation of bicycle store - 'Cycle Evolution'.

What does this mean to you? Well, anyone with a modest budget can create a bike store or even sell on the internet from his or her garage. What drives those guys is probably similar to what drives each of us to get out on the bike in the first place – a love for the sport. The thing is, not everyone does it well, carries the stock or gives value in the broader sense of the word. Cycling is now huge – and opinions are as diverse as ever. Options are vast and we pride ourselves in offering balanced honest advice that is tailored to you based upon real world experience and industry knowledge.

A bike says a lot about the type of person you are – it’s a lifestyle statement.

We understand this and will take the time to get to know you, what you want from your cycling experience and find a bike which is as unique as you are.

The brands we carry are industry leaders for performance, comfort as well as technical development. You'll find some of the latest and most advanced kit in store.

To help get the most from your bike to you we also have one of the most advanced fit suites in the UK, with both Body Geometry FIT and Retúl methods & technology in this private environment for you to enjoy.

Come and try a 29er mtb, carbon road bike or wheel package from our £30,000 demo fleet.

Speak to our fit technicians about improving your power transfer, fixing your back issues and ensuring your bike is set up perfectly for you.

Whatever your curiosity, make the time to visit, help yourself to a coffee and soak up the atmosphere on the sofas.

You'll be made very welcome and glad you made the journey.